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Why Choose Regent?

Many companies become disengaged with their security but don’t have the time in their busy work schedule to research options to improve their security provider.

Regent Security Australia will be by your side with every decision you make, we will provide you with our professional opinion and guidance so you can make the right, informed choices tailored to your business needs.

Within management, we strive to be leaders not bosses, and constantly strive to create a workplace culture that encourages the development of a team of leaders, who make the right decisions for the right reasons

Regent only work with leaders, from our guards in venues to special events requiring teams of 10 plus, the entire management team work on alongside our men and women.

Regent Security is not a “one man army” but a collective of men and women doing what they can to make the Gold Coast a safer community.


Regent Security believe that the best way to combat crime is to conduct random patrols your business, this involves a patrolling Security officer ‘checking in’ on your business throughout the night ensuring that all entry and exits are secure, no signs of forced entry, controlling vandalism, and overall showing presence to any lawbreakers that your property is under our protection.



Why have an alarm system? Alarm monitoring ensures that while you’re away, your property is still being taken care of. Regent Security partner with one of Australia’s best and biggest monitoring companies ‘Back 2 Base’. Should an alarm be tripped Back 2 Base will either contact you (the owner) or should you request not to be interrupted they will call our nightly patrol officer who will conduct a security check on your property to ensure all is well.



Regent Security believes the old way of security is no longer the way to conduct business. We consider Crowd Control guards should be well trained and professional, friendly, approachable, and constantly engaging with the environment in a positive way, helping venue staff and getting amongst the crowd.


Our modern 21st Century approach to our work is current and focused on our client’s needs.  By listening to what and when our client’s tell us their concerns are we are able to best tailor a service package to meet your needs.

  • Mobile Patrols
  • Alarm responses
  • Crowd Control
  • Static Security Officer
  • Body Guard/Security Escort
  • Security Officer
  • Unarmed Security Officers
  • Security Dog Patrols
  • Cash in Transit / Carrying Valuables
  • Control Room Monitoring
  • Security Information
  • Emergency Response
  • Fire Evacuation
  • Risk Management
  • Security Foot Patrols


We will endeavor to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours

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