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Regent Security believes the old way of security is no longer the way to conduct business. We consider Crowd Control guards should be well trained and professional, friendly, approachable, and constantly engaging with the environment in a positive way, helping venue staff and getting amongst the crowd. This field of thinking goes hand-in-hand with providing the safest possible atmosphere for all staff and patrons alike.

Our strategy is simple, we know you are experts in your field, and we are experts in ours, we work with our clients, helping and advising. We will do all that we can to ensure you are satisfied and safe, with open communication and respect for your specific needs.

Regent Security Australia is continually proving to be an industry leader with the recommendations from our clients and our ability to stay current with our use of technology, our continued staff consultation, development and progressive management team. We also hold regular training sessions to insure all guards are up to date with the latest laws, procedures and hand to hand techniques in order to diffuse any and all situations that may arise. Our patrol team is highly trained in the art of attention to detail and communication techniques to ensure nothing is missed. Regents’ management pride ourselves on working with our team in all areas and aspects of the security industry.