Regent Security believes the old way of security is no longer the way to conduct business. We consider Crowd Control guards should be well trained and professional, friendly, approachable, and constantly engaging with the environment in a positive way, helping venue staff and getting amongst the crowd. This field of thinking goes hand-in-hand with providing the safest possible atmosphere for all staff and patrons alike.


Alarm monitoring

Alarm monitoring ensures that while you’re away, your property is still being taken care of. Regent Security partner with one of Australia’s best and biggest monitoring company ‘Back 2 Base’. Should an alarm be tripped Back 2 Base with either contact you (the owner) or should you request not to be interrupted they will call our nightly patrol officer who will conduct a security check on your property to ensure all is well. If however all is not well, the patrolling officer will contact the key holder and discuss options with you, all the while remaining on the site to be sure nothing further is wrong.

Monitoring includes but not limited to:

  • >Low cost
  • >6 Alarm responses over the 6 month period (up to 45 minutes each)
  • 6 technician call outs over the 6 month period
  • System change over


Regent Security believe that the best way to combat crime is to conduct random patrols your business, this involves a patrolling Security officer ‘checking in’ on your business throughout the night ensuring that all entry and exits are secure, no signs of forced entry, controlling vandalism, and overall showing presence to any lawbreakers that your property is under our protection. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Use of patrol officer for allocated time
  • All access points tagged
  • Random patrol times
  • Emailed patrol reports should any incidents occur
  • Use of Night Vision Goggles if needed

Other services we provide are Body guarding, Cash in Transit, Static security officer, overnight staff welfare checks, and much more. Contact Regent Security today to receive your complimentary security analysis.

  • Mobile Patrols
  • Alarm responses
  • Crowd Control
  • Static Security Officer
  • Body Guard/Security Escort
  • Security Officer
  • Unarmed Security Officers
  • Security Dog Patrols
  • Cash in Transit / Carrying Valuables
  • Control Room Monitoring
  • Security Information
  • Emergency Response
  • Fire Evacuation
  • Risk Management
  • Security Foot Patrols

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Our modern 21st Century approach to our work is current and focused on our client’s needs.  By listening to what and when our client’s tell us their concerns are we are able to best tailor a service package to meet your needs.


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